100% Real Roses That Last Years


AROSE is a London-based brand that was founded and inspired by the idea of growing through adversity, and finding success and happiness when faced with obstacles. Roses, like all flowers, are planted, nurtured and shaped through the earth and must be able to withstand the conditions around them to come to bloom. We love this symbolism as a way of reshaping the idea of femininity and beauty being "weak" or "demure" and bringing them to light as a form of strength and purity. Roses have a lot in common with us; raised in different places, come in different sizes, shapes and shades and are all beautiful in their own unique ways. No two roses are the same, and neither are we!

Keeping this in mind, we wanted to prolong a rose's life for as long as possible (we mean YEARS, yes, years!), so we use an all-natural and zero-toxin method using wax powder to keep our roses in bloom for years! So that they can look as incredible as you do, for as long as possible.