100% Real Roses That Last Years


IDC (I DON’T DO Care!)

Caring is super easy in the case of our roses. All you have to do is buy 'em, gift 'em, keep 'em and love 'em! The all-natural and zero-toxin spa treatment that they undergo keeps them looking fab with little to no maintenance needed.

We've come up with a super quick and easy DO's and DON'T's list:

- Worry about watering them
- Worry about repotting them
- Put anything heavy on the exposed rose if you remove its lid, it'll get squashed!
- Refrigerate your roses, they don’t like to be cold!
- Place dark colour roses under direct sunlight as it will lighten the colour of your rose. If you’re happy with the shade of your rose lightening a bit, then feel free to do so! The sun doesn’t damage the physical rose at all, only the colour fades.

- Love them
- Dust them off if they need it with a gentle brush (soft makeup brushes work great!)
- Take loads of photos of them/with them and tag us @AROSE.LONDON and use #AROSEME

But please, please, please remember: our roses are real so be gentle with them.